Dating at kid nation

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"I think I'm going to die out here," said moon-faced Jimmy, one of the show's youngest participants. They had to cook for themselves, at which point they discovered you have to wait for water to boil before putting in the pasta.

When the players arrived at "Bonanza City," the place was chaos. When they realized they have to sleep on dusty mattresses in dirty bunkhouses, a few started to cry and talked about going home.

Karsh then unveiled shops full of treats, where the kids could buy candy, root beer, dark chocolate, Shakespearean plays, an old-fashioned bicycle.

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She calls "a plot-heavy book", something she strived for since her wide experience in prose writing gave her expertise in plot but not image.

It was a cruel trick, withholding these items when the kids were at their most confused, disorganized, and homesick.

The revelation immediately changed the show's tone and apparent goal. The kids embraced this familiar structure, taking on the roles of the upper class, merchants, cooks, and laborers.

Daphne as drawn includes additional information (she has long black hair, etc.) but the image-text relationship is rudimentary.

When Haidle draws Daphne slumped in a chair, Unferth's talk balloon "Sigh" adds nothing the image did not already convey.

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